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Personally I agree with the statement “It’s difficult to forgive yourself if the person you have hurt doesn’t forgive
you” because through personal experiences and seeing the couples around me in my everyday life. It does not have to deal with love; it can deal with relatives and siblings too. My sister Kylee is very sensitive, quite, shy, and can hold a grudge for weeks without me knowing there is something wrong with her, and she says words to me that I say back to her and she gets very emotional. She will tell me that she is over the situation even though she really is not and is very upset with me and my parents when they do not side with her. It is hard to forgive myself when she does not forgive me because I know deep down that I did something wrong and the fact took it too far with her. Picking on my sister is fun do not get me wrong but I understand that I mean a lot to her and I understand that she looks up to me. You can not fight fire with fire because you will only get a bigger fire. Relationships can take a toll if you are not forgiven by the person you care about the most in your life. Seeing couples being cheated on is wrong and if you do not care about the person you should end it. If I were to be cheated on, there is no way I could forgive that person for doing such a thing. I know they hope for forgiveness but they understand they will live in guilt if they are no forgiven. One of my best friends had been cheated on and knew she could never forgive the guy. The guy on the other hand was a friend of mine and explained to me how guilty he felt. It does not have to deal with anyone you know, it could be someone on the news for killing a family or a child. Put yourself in the position where you child had just been kidnapped then a week later found in a river. Would you forgive that person? Months go by and the kidnapper is on trial asking for your forgiveness, do you think he should be forgiven that easily? Personally if I were the person who killed someone’s kid I did not know, I could never forgive myself because I took an innocent life and I would never be forgiven by anyone because of the path and actions I chose. These examples show that it is hard to forgive yourself in these situations because there is nothing you can do but pray and hope maybe one day they can forgive you. Overall I agree with it being hard to forgive yourself when the person you have hurt does not forgive you because its all in the mind and it is hard to put oneself.

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