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Anticipation Guidepart 2 Assignment 26 The Crucible

The difference between right and wrong is not always clear. I think everyone most people have been in this type of situation. If you have not you will eventually. It is something everyone expierences at some point in their lives. First, life is not always so black and white. Most of the time what is right and what is wrong is different according to the individual. You may be forced to make a decision and that decision may be the right one for you, but the very next person makes the same one and its wrong. For instance, most people think that it was right to kill hitler. However someone could easily say that all killing is wrong and Hitler is no exception.Why would you try to solve a very violent problem with more violence? Wouldn't that just spark more violence? Someone else could also pose a very strong argument saying that Hitler had killed to many people, caused to much damage, and posed to much of a threat to be kept alive.Killing him would save the lives of millions. He had to killed. Both sides have valid arguments and they are very convincing. Which one is right and which is wrong. In reality neither is right and neither is wrong they are just different. This is an example of the greyer side of life. Everything is not always plain and simple; black and white, sometimes it's a little more complicated. What is right and what is wrong is a matter of perspective.

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