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Anticipation guide: Crucible

Giovanni Rodriguez
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P Period 3
19 April 2012
Anticipation Guide: #3
Is it better to die for what you believe in rather than to lie to save your life? I cannot say, I could if there were a given situation. There are some things in this world that I would die for and some that I would not. It really all just depends on the situation. Some people feel stronger and would die for something they feel strongly about things, and there are some people that wouldnít die for anything.
The only things that I would be able to die for are Soccer, Family, and Church. Soccer because, it is my love and passion, Iíd rather die than not be able to do what I absolutely love every single day for the rest of my life. If I were not allowed to do what I love then I wouldnít have anything at all, I would have nothing to live for and I would most certainly die to keep it alive. My family is also another very important part of my life. I would do anything for my family, even if it means dying. Your family has the same blood as you; I do not know how someone could possibly turn against their own family. Even if it wasnít immediate family I would still do anything for my family they have always been in my life and thereís nothing I wouldnít do for them. I love all of my family members the same, and would do anything for anyone. Not only do I love my family, but I also love my God. I would sacrifice myself to him if it came to that, but I would do anything for him also. My religion is a very important aspect of my life and to my family. I have been Catholic since infancy and plan to never stop.
If I had to die for something it wouldnít be something silly. It would have to be something I love. I would never die for something as stupid as my home, car, and money. All the material things could be replaced in life, and itís the irreplaceable things that I would most definitely worry about because once itís gone, itís gone forever. The material things that I mentioned earlier can always be replaced with Insurance or just simply getting it back. In my opinion itís ridiculous when people fight back when getting robbed. To die for something like money is just sad, because it can always be replaced, but if you were to lose a family member of course you could never replace them.
Lying to save your life, in my opinion is the most cowardly thing that anyone could ever do if and when the lie causes someone else to die. For example if it were a punishment and you lied about the person that did the crime then thatís extremely wrong and unmanly of whoever is accusing. If you commit a crime and get caught and youíre being punished for it, you have to have the backbone to man up for your wrong-doings. That is just my opinion.

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