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Anticipation Guide

Tony Maalouf
English III-P,Period 3
20 April 2012

Anticipation guide response

What I think when I whenever someone mentions “The Crucible” is old witch trials and heretics. Back in Salem Massachusetts there were many people executed and tortured because they thought that the devil has possessed them and taken over there body. Whenever anyone sees a bit of bad luck they blame it on their neighbors and say that “they were talking to the devil”. Basically the devil is a scapegoat for the citizens in Salem. Heretics are “A person believing in or practicing religious heresy.” This means a non Christian in other words. This is wrong on so many levels because how would anyone be safe in their own home if people keep getting accused on being the devil? They had the “Salem Witch Trials” and put multiple people on trial to see who’s a witch and what’s happening. No one was really a witch but in order to take all the accusations off of themselves they blamed it on another person, and so on and so forth. It became a huge chain of people who think that they’re devils that it became out of hand. Now whenever anyone sees a person they accuse them and put them on trial. The Witch Trials were the most pointless thing ever, the way that they thought they would know if they weren’t a witch or not was to burn them, and if they didn’t burn then they were a devil. This makes no sense what so ever because how would they even know that devils don’t burn in the beginning? Secondly why would they blame whatever hardships or bad things going on in their life on witches or devils? It wasn’t a very wise time in history and everyone was afraid of the other. People feared that their neighbor was a devil and they didn’t want their crops to fail or anything so before anything happens they automatically blame them. Nowadays you never hear anything like this, freedom of religion is a key factor in life and people can do whatever they please to do. If you wanted to be a member of the Ku Klux Klan then you could, as long as you don’t commit acts of terror. Self control is a key factor in anything in the U.S.A, don’t push anything too far. You hear nothing about heretic accusations and things of that nature in America, you want to know why? Because the government doesn’t get involved with religion, then again at the same time they sort of support it because they relieve the churches of taxes. Which means churches don’t pay taxes on anything as long as they don’t break the rules that the law states. Now as far as the whole devil talk and things where going, people would be put on trail and if they were found “guilty” of being a devil then they would either be burned, hung, or pressed with a stone until they confess. Freedom is a funny thing, take it too far and you lose it.

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