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Hello James,

Is it possible to cure hypohidrosis (severely diminished perspiration)? On a normal day I barely sweat. Only when I workout vigorously, I seem able to break a sweat, but not before my head has first turned red or even purplish. I have very dry skin, and since hardly any toxins are expelled through my skin other organs seem to be burdened excessively.

In addition to dry skin I have several more hypothyroidism symptoms (among which an inability of my body to keep my feet warm). Still, I believe most likely not my thyroid, but rather my hypothalamus is the main underlying problem. (Note that hypohidrosis can apparently be caused by a poorly functioning hypothalamus.)

One reason for this diagnosis is that I have been following your adrenal fatigue and hypothyroidism regimens for several months now, yet that these 'inability to regulate body temperature'-symptoms have not improved. A second reason is that my body has always been 'lagging in growth'; when I was 16 years old, doctors confirmed through a hand x-ray that my biological age was only 12. I am in my 20s now, and still look about 5 years younger than I truly am. A hypothalamic (or pituitary) disorder thus seems very likely.

I would immensely appreciate your thoughts on how to treat or cure this condition..


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