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Anticipations guide prt 3: the crucible

Innocent until proven guilty is a major part of this world right now. With such a growing population of people thereís a growing rate of crimes being committed. The causes or reasons for going under arrest are against anything that is wrong against the law. Murder, robbery, rape, public destruction, etc. There many, many reasons for a person to undergo arrest. In some situations there is evidence clearly stating whoís guilty or there is a low value of evidence that still needs investigations to go through. The ones with these investigations is that the law enforcement is not sure completely at first who is the victim and who the suspect is. Thatís why investigations happen. They go off the victims (or deceased person) history. Whichever story sounds the best or suited what that person was up to they go around and ask family and friend members. The police and investigators then arrest perhaps the person who was most skittish and odd in some way and that fit in the victimís life as well. The media and witnesses of this arresting now know that this person was cuffed away in handcuffs and is guilty (as far as they know) to the law. Leading to the ruining of their reputation and image to the city. There are two options now for the unlucky person, he was really guilty or he was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, someone setting him up, and the cops received the wrong lead, and this is why I believe a person is innocent until proven guilty. A full investigation should go through in any crime to get that solid evidence found. If its not certain evidence and just slightly guessed at an innocent person can be locked up in jail or put to a death sentence if those were the charges. Itís not right for an innocent person to receive that form of punishment, especially if they arenít the ones to commit the crime in the first place. This can and will ruin the personís life forever even if they were naturally innocent all along, it wonít change some peoples stubborn minds since they will automatically suspect that this person is now still trying to deny the fact and make up stories with lies to seem innocent once again. Once someone is being accused for anything it will change their path in some way. Either being looked at differently from their loved ones or being looked at differently from themselves. A paper with the ink stamped onto it saying innocent or guilty really isnít what declares if they are that. It is the minds of all the others crossing their path in life that matters. For they are now the ones to create their image, images of anyone also plays a part inside their life, because it choose how others will act towards that person. The statement innocent until proven guilty is a lifesaving law due to the needing of absolute certainty. Helps out population to grow.

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