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Assignment 28: Anticipation Guide, The Crucible

Arianna Torres
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P Period 3
25 April 2012
Assignment 28: Anticipation Guide the Crucible
I strictly believe in the saying “honesty is the best policy”, this cliché states something very similar to a belief stated in The Crucible. This belief “It is better to die for what you believe in rather than to lie to save your life” is very similar to “honesty is the best policy” because it both states being honest and truthful to one self and others. Although, stating that being honest to one self is always the better option for every situation, there sometimes come consequences with our beliefs and our actions that we decide to take on them. In the past, there have been several important people throughout the world who have made a difference for standing up for their beliefs. Unfortunately, in order for them to achieve justice they sometimes must go to extreme measures and make juristic decisions to deal with the consequences that have come with their decisions in life. Many great historical people have suffered a variety of countless problems to achieve the justice they well earned and deserved. For example, Martin Luther King Jr., pastor, went to jail and was assassinated for standing up for his beliefs, knowing that it was a life threatening cause; he was willing to stand up for, in his actions toward Civil Rights for African Americans and desegregation. Another great person, who has tried to make a change in the world while making juristic decisions, was David Thoreau. Thoreau, a philosopher and transcendental thinker, stood up for his belief of banning taxes, by not paying his taxes he was sent to jail for a few years until. Willingly he used peaceful protest, and paid his taxes in order to move forward with his belief of ending taxes. Even if it meant taking a step down from his success, and falling in to his enemy, the governments, plot. Fortunately for Thoreau, his actions and decisions did not cause him his life but they caused a few issues for him.
Some protestors strictly believe that the only thing that a person should do is protest for their beliefs, but they should not take it to the extreme and take the risk of ruining their life in order to fulfill a dream of their perfect society, economy, and etc. Therefore, by stating that giving up is okay in this case, people can be considered to be fake, traders, or push overs. I strongly agree with this opinion of standing up for what you believe in without backing down should be the only option during a person’s protest. The reason for my opinion is, if everyone who shares the same belief as another person backs down when times get tough, the issue in which is trying to be solved will never be fixed. All it takes is one movement and actions to achieve the justice truly deserved. And most likely the problem will be resolved, hopefully for good.

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