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Anticipation Guide: Assignment 26: Crucible

Suchoza 1

Kayla Renee Suchoza
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-p Period 3
24 April 2012

Assignment 26, Anticipation Guide, Crucible

The statement “It’s more difficult to forgive yourself if the person you have hurt doesn’t forgive you” is a statement that I believe is true. When something happens like a fight, with someone close or even someone that you barely know but you have hurt happens and it ends bad with the other person mad at you, at first you will say forget about it and don’t care because you are mad at the moment but once you really take the time to think about it and let it set in your mind it can really affect you. For example fighting with a close relative can affect someone real easy. If your brother is super close to you and always hanging out with you or spending time with and get along so well and he’s the greatest influence on you in your life and everything that he’s been telling you was all wrong about his beliefs or his opinions about things is all different on what he tells you, it can affect that person hard. That person will be furious at the other person and do you think that he/she will want to forgive him? No, of course not. And know mater how many times the brother will say sorry or explain his self you not going to want to listen. And once that person stops listening the brother will be mad at that person. They will be so mad they wouldn’t want to talk to each other, but know matter how much the brother lied to the other person he knows that every time he was with them he enjoyed it because if he didn’t he wouldn’t have stayed. He probably thinks that the other person is stupid because they would not forgive him but once he starts breaking it down and to see that it was his fault your not going to want to forgive yourself for doing that to the person that you were so close to or even loved. And even if that person said sorry you are going to regret everything you said. And regret everything that you did because know matter how much you lied to that person or hurt that person to lie or hurt the people you love hurts yourself the most. And we can even extend it even more to the point of where the other person died and the brother was still alive know think of how much that would affect the brother he could never forgive his self for doing that to the person. But people do get in arguments every day not to an extent where the other person gets hurt but sometimes the argument can go in a wrong direction and affect one person in a different way. And the other person may not realize in the beginning because it wasn’t such a big deal but later will realize that they went too far and should see that the person won’t trust you as well and can be affected to them more then anything because you will regret doing it and probably won’t forgive yourself.

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