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Assignment 29 The Crucible Anticipation Guide

Hollie Guy
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P, Period 3
24 April 2012

Assignment 29 The Crucible Anticipation Guide
I chose to write about the statement that says “ That which doesn’t destroy us only makes us stronger.” Survival is a word that has a pretty basic meaning, “To continue existence”. There are so many individuals in the world not only from the era that we live in now, but decades ago that live by this motto. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. I have heard this quote many times. It is probably one of the most memorable quotes. It aptly reflects the human condition, and it motivates, very much so. It motivates the world. We've all heard the adage that whatever doesn't kill us makes us stronger, but until now the preponderance of scientific evidence has offered little support for it. We all experience moments of defeat throughout our lives. I have slowly learned not to take things to heart that are pointless. When worrying about the little things in life I think of this quote because sweating the small things in live is not worth it. Sometimes we do not realize that there are bigger things in life that can bring us to our breaking point, but experiencing hardships in life is what makes every individual stronger than they have ever been. On a much more personal level, how often do we let the little things get in our way? I can honestly say that I have a lot of times when I feel like since nothing is working the way I would want it to be, I feel like giving up, and I do let the little things get to me. At the end of the day , I try not to let the little things in life get to me but rather learn from the little things because it could all be worse. Sweating the little things can be a positive thing because it teaches us that we as individuals are stronger than we may seem to be to another person or yet the biggest critics of them all, ourselves. Sometimes it is easier to just give up because of the small things that get to us rather than realize that there is a lot of other things that could happen to us and be worse than experiencing heart break or a failing grade on something. I am slowly learning that there are bigger things in life to worry about.

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