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Assignment # 29 Anticipation guide part 2

Janaye Furman Mr. Jeffrey English III-P, period 3 24 April, 2012 Assignment # 29 Anticipation guide part 2 Confessing to a crime you did not commit in order to avoid punishment is not wise and it is better to die for what you believe in rather than to lie to save your life. There should never come a time when a person sets aside his or her own morals to avoid punishment. Honesty has always been the best policy no matter the circumstances and lying does not get anyone very far in life. Some of the greatest people in history were honest about the way they felt even when they knew that there would be big consequences because they knew that it was the right thing to do. Martin Luther King Jr. stood up for his race when he made his very famous speech, Rosa Parks sat down for her dignity on a bus when she refused to sit in the back of the bus just because a white man wanted to sit there, Gandhi and Thoreau used civil disobedience to put their stamp on the world and they were just a few of the people in history that made a big impact on the world because they stood up for what was right. They understood that standing up for what they believed in would take allot of courage and they were willing to take the chance. Courage means doing something even though it can be hard or scary or dangerous. Being wise has nothing to do with ignoring punishment. Being wise has to do making the right decision. This is what makes up today and yesterdays heroes. In some cases it can come to a point where the personís decision decides life or death. First of all people shouldnít have to live in a world where a person can die for his or her own beliefs. Everyone should always have the right to have their own beliefs no matter what societyís beliefs may be. Second of all people need to be able to live life to the fullest or else life is wasted. Third of all it is the principle of the thing. A person cannot go through life living a lie, pretending to be something he or she is not. The Hollywood Ten were accused of being communists and some of them were honest and said that they were not communists and some of them put their blame on other ones around them, but all of them went to jail. The only way a person can be respected in this world is if the person respects themselves first. Confessing to a crime you did not commit in order to avoid punishment is a chickenís way out and anyone who would do so is only going to be running away from problems. Sometimes problems canít just be avoided; they have to be faced head on no matter how difficult it may seem because it is all worth it in the long run.

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