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Anticipation Guide Part 2

Andrew Romero
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P, Period 3
24 April 2012
Anticipation Guide Part 2: Assignment 29
Itís more difficult to forgive yourself if the person you have hurt doesnít forgive you. This saying is very wise and deep. If I was in a situation and I was ready to forgive myself for a bad deed I have done, it would be much harder if the person I hurt did not forgive me. This tells me that I have really messed up and I can only pray to god for the guidance I need in order to be forgiven by the person I have hurt. Moving on is hard as it is but when they wont forgive you one cannot move on without the guilt tearing you apart. If you do not feel remorse for what u have done then you donít deserve to be forgiven in the first place. On the contrary everyone deserves a second chance or a chance to make up for what they have done but they must live the consequences that must be done to them. Everyone deserves a second chance no matter what. On the same note people continually make mistakes and if we could not move on from them we could not move on with themselves. People need to forgive other for what they have done to them though. People canít hold grudges on people or those grudge will only carry on and so forth. If I were to hold all my grudges to the people who have sinned on me I would be no better than the person who sinned on me because aim am not allowing him to grow as an individual and learn from his mistakes. By not forgiving him i'm am making his individuality smaller because now instead of learning from his mistake and moving on to great bright thing I am making him small and fearful making other mistake fearing no forgiveness again. One can only benefit from forgiveness and to be forgiven because what doesnít kill us makes us stronger as a human being and as a individual in the eyes of god and as we view ourselves as a decent human being. People may not forgive or forget but if we do not forgive thee is no awareness of what one can do better to never duplicate their act of harm they have done to you or to anyone else they have hurt. Forgiveness is happiness for the soul and if our souls arenít happy I truly do not understand how as individuals can be happy as well. Forgiveness is never is no shall it ever be because forgiving someone who has hurt you is bad enough but not forgiving them and they having to live with themselves knowing that they will never be forgiven is a straight sin in my opinion. So forgive the person who hurt you so that they can move on or they wont be able to move on because of the guilt that will haunt them everyday. So you see I must forgive people for what they have done on to me and for what I have done to them. With forgiveness one can continue on their adventurous path that we call life.

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