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In the phrase “Existence is absurd and true meaning in life impossible”, I do not believe that it is true. I believe that your meaning in life is not absurd and that your true meaning in life is not impossible to reach but hard to accomplish. I believe that everyone life has meaning to it. From homeless poor people to the richest person in the world; all have meaning in their life. Even if you believe that the way you are living is pointless, every “little” thing is important. For example, some people meaning in life is to make food at a fast food restaurant. It may not be their true meaning in life but their existence is just as important. Without that person who makes food at the fast food restaurant, there will be no fast food restaurants. A person who is homeless or has done nothing with their lives does not mean they have no reason for existing. That just means they did not do what they had to do in order to make their existence worth something. The same goes to rich people. If the very first person who created the computer did not create it, then a lot people would not be rich rite now. Or our society would not be as advanced as it is right now. For example if the computer was not created, then that mean bill gates would not be rich because he would have not been able to create Microsoft word for computers. A person importance in existence also helps other people find their true meaning in life. The founder of McDonald’s true meaning in life was to build McDonalds. By that person doing so, that made a lot of people true meaning in life to work at a fast food restaurant or to be the business owner of the fast food restaurant. So when that happen other people true meaning in life is to create a business that is similar to it such as Burger King, Wendy’s, Checkers etc. Same goes for a person who has to work for Microsoft. I believe that everyone has their true meaning in life and whether or not you figure it out is up to you. You can run away from you true meaning in life, but it may not turn out the best if you avoid it. Everyone existence in life is important and no one person is better than the other. Therefore the phrase, “Existence is absurd and true meaning in life is impossible”, is not true.

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