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Re(4): Many issues-Which product to start with Thank You!

Thank you so much James! I will probably order some Adrenal Tonic when I re-order the Thyroid Tonic, since it sounds like licorice root may help counteract the diuresis caused by the pollen.

I will look for a good source of Alfalfa Leaf, seaweed, motherwort and suma. It is hard to know what sources to trust. I see some of the ingredients in New Beginnings formula. Would it be a formula that I could take without triggering diuresis?

I had recently started taking Glycine so will up the dose on that and try to take it on an empty stomach.

I haven't taken any SSRIs for years; and my blood tests show very low levels of testosterone. But I am nervous about using the compounded cream my doctor prescribed. I would like a more natural approach if possible.


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