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Anticipation guide

Trae Solomon
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P, Period 3
25 April 2012
Assignment 29 Crucible Anticipation Guide Part 2
I chose the statement "The difference between right and wrong is clear." I believe this is both true and false. Most of the time when put into a situation where you have to choose between doing the "right" thing or the "wrong" thing. Most of the time it is a clear answer to which path to take, but on occasions, the line between right and wrong may be a bit unclear. Some people do not know how to distinguish the two paths. Life is not always so black. A wrong to one person may be a right to another. Everyone has their own opinion on things and it all depends on what you feel is right and wrong, because no matter what you do someone will always judge you and always think that you are doing the wrong thing or making the wrong decision. Other times it is a very distinct line on what is wrong and what is right. For example, murdering someone or stealing things will always be wrong no matter what situation you are in or what your excuse is. Even if the person you murdered did something very appalling, it still does not give you the right to take their life. Also, stealing will never be acceptable. No matter how hard things get on you stealing will never be the answer to solve your problems. If you were to be poor and steal from a individual, you are taking something away from them that they worked hard to receive. If you are poor and feel like taking things that do not belong to you is the only way you can survive you are wrong. You got yourself into that situation and you can get yourself out. It may not be easy but it is possible. Knowing the difference between right and wrong could go either way. Some people may feel like they are doing the right thing while other think the person is doing the wrong thing. It is mostly the person who is making the decisions opinion on whether it is right or wrong. Although the majority of the things are common sense, some people still have a hard time distinguishing the line between good and bad. Everyone will make a wrong decision sometime in their life, but it depends on how immense the wrong is that you have committed or how many times you have committed it. It is the wrong decisions that cannot be fixed that will seriously ruin your life. For instance drugs, many people do drugs because it makes them feel good and gives them an escape from the life they live. Drugs are very addicting and are very costly. Many individuals will spend all their money and time doing drugs and dig themselves into a hole so deep that they feel like they cannot get out. This is when they become depressed and either OD, commits suicide, or realizes what they are doing and get themselves out before it is too late. Some decisions we have to make in life are self explanatory while others may be hard to decide if it is bad or good.


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