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Possible autoimmune issue which is worsened by several supplements

Hello James,

I'm hoping that some of the supplements that have aggravated a weird health problem I've been having for a year might help point to a possible cause or path for treatment. Blood tests showed no problems except for a very low concentration at 1:80 of an antibody associated with crest syndrome but I have no symptoms of that.

-Sharp stinging sensations isolated to small spots on skin, when at it's worse it leads to the formation of scars which are mostly linear and look like little knife cuts. When I'm not taking supplements that aggravate the problem the stinging is quite mild and I don't get scarring. The doctors that I saw had never heard of this. It usually only happens when going to bed or a few hours prior. I rarely experience it when I'm up and active only when at rest.
-Some small petechiae spots mostly on my forearm.
-Recent swelling in my hands but that has gotten much better a few weeks ago. Also, lately drinking alcohol causes my feet to swell slightly.

Supplements that make this worse include licorice root (caused the most problems), resveratrol, 5-htp, and possibly turmeric. From what I can tell most of those are supposed to affect immune cells and the adrenals. I had stopped using borage oil, olive leaf, colloidal silver, quercetin / bromelain, and green tea but I'm not sure that they caused issues. I'm currently using magnesium citrate 500mg, black seed oil, MSM, 1 drop of iodine, vitamineral green super food, and 1 tblsp of bentonite clay liquid.

I had just ordered some Pau d'arco / Andrographis in case if an infection is the root cause. I'm also getting an allergy test soon.



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