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Anticipation Guide Part II Of Mice and Men LOHS

Andrew Kang
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P, Period 3
03 May 2012
Assignment 33: Anticipation Guide Part II

The best place for justice to be determined is in the court of law. This statement in my opinion is false, because justice can be interpreted in many ways. Not everyone has the same thoughts and opinions, so that can make the courts biased in one way or another. For example, if a man is wrongly convicted by the court of a crime he did not commit, that system in court has failed to serve justice to this man in particular and to the community as the man who should be convicted roams free. Many would argue that courts are the supreme source of justice, but in my opinion it is the people (community) that determine what is right and what is wrong, just and unjust. Under some circumstances, the court may be the superior method to serve justice, but there have been many cases where the court made completely bad decisions in search of a scapegoat. Recently, a man was released from county prison after 16 years of confinement. This man was convicted with murder, rape and vandalism; the twist is that this man was innocent to every inch of the conviction. The man was released after 16 years after the DNA specialist recovered semen and blood from the evidence and concluded that the DNA did not match and never did match. This is a result of misconduct in the justice system of the court. The court is not always the best at determining justice in our world that we live in today.


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