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Asignment 33 Anticipation Guide Part II Of Mice of Men

Tony Maalouf
Mr. Jeffrey
English–III-P, Period 3
3 May 2012

Assignment 33.Anticipation Guide Part II

I believe that a true friend is there for you through the thick and thin. They tell you the truth no matter how bad it may sound because you need to hear it. Whenever a friend really needs you they’ll be there to do whatever you need. The friendship in “Of Mice and Men” sounds like a true friendship that has no boundaries. The third statements that says “A true friend will tell you the truth, even when you don’t want to hear it” That statement really had me thinking about how a lot of so called “friends” wont tell you anything you don’t want to hear. This is not right just because a real friend would tell you whatever you need to hear regardless of the kind of news it is. It will end up benefiting you in the end. I have only a number of friends that will do anything for me and I’d do the same in return. Best friends are hard to come by and in “Of Mice and Men” those to guys have a great relationship and will tell each other anything. Never in my life have I seen such a close friendship and been so touched by it. True friends are a beautiful thing to have and once you get it never let go of the opportunity. Whenever they do anything they tell each other and they watch out for each others best interest. This is a true friendship that I think will last forever. No matter what happens that will get through the struggle.


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