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Anticipation Guide

Patrick Finley
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P, Period 3
3, May 2012
Anticipation Guide: Assignment 27

Life today is more difficult than it was in the 1930ís. Back then there was less technology and ways to communicate with other people. Now days you are able to contact almost anybody with a click of a button. Communication on the internet and phones cause conflict to people and complicate there life. In the 1930ís there were many hardships and corruptions with the government. The modern days deal with the same government and they seem to be as powerful as ever. The government now is even more corrupt and the things they hold from the people are unbelievable. Our economy is in a depression and there are lots of people who are unemployed. Back then everybody was in a depression, but I feel now our economy is worse and heading for a down fall. Both the 1930ís and the 20th century have faced terrible market stock crashes and have encountered wars with other countries. I feel it is worse now days because the hardships just seem to keep progressing and times are getting harder. Times are changing and different things will continue to hurt our economy. All the people can do is watch and see where the government leads us. I honestly think the people are being controlled by government officials that only care about themselves. The government is there doing there job helping us but there is so much more I feel that they hide and keep for there own knowledge. The government makes me feel insecure and have got worse since the 1930ís.

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