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Of Mice and Men (Assignment 34): Anticipaction Guide

Women today are not often treated by men as equals rather than objects because todayís society is twisted and cruel. Women today are seen as slaves in high school studentís eyes because boys think once they get married, they expect a woman to make everything they please and give them whatever they desire as if they are gods. It is almost like womenís rights are working backwards. Yes, we have the right to vote and have the ability to do everything a man can do, but just because we do not have dominance in society does not mean we can not have the same respect as men. For example, in the nineteen twenties, the nineteenth amendment passed to allowed different sexes to vote. High school students get the ideas of treating women like objects from history. Women only make 70 cents of a dollar than what men make. Do you see that as equal treatment? Just because women do not have dominance does not mean they can not be paid the same. They learn in school about how women were treated with no respect. Usually rap music videos also show that women are just sex objects by calling them offensive names and belittling them. Women need to draw a line and put a foot down and understand that if he does not treat you like a queen, instead of an object, nothing will work between the both of you because he will not give you the respect everyone woman deserves.

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