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Assignment 34 Of Mice and Men Anticipation Guide Pt. 2

Hollie Guy
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P, Period 3
3 May 2012
Assignment 34 Anticipation Guide Part 2: Of Mice and Men

I chose the topic “ When people are a victim of a crime they should be able to take the law into their own hands.” I am for this topic because if someone feels it is okay to hurt or even kill someone, then that person or that persons family should have the right to be able to do the same to the person who hurt their loved one. Even though the state of California doesn’t have the death penalty, I feel that the government should enforce it and be able to have the threat in court that death is an option and that the courts will go as far as using the death penalty to have justice served. Although I do not believe that the death penalty is right, I do feel that it should be used as a serious threat when it comes to the criminals who chose to murder not only one person but also mass murders. If someone thought it was okay to cut off someone’s finger then the victim should be able to do the same thing to their predator. If an individual thinks it is okay to murder someone then honestly they should not have the right to have their life. States that do enforce the death penalty have lower homicide and crime rights due to the fact that death is an option for someone who makes a really stupid decision. Therefore I also feel that if the death penalty was enforced, then there would be lower crime and homicide rates, and I also feel that when people commit a crime, they should be able to decide the sentence for the person guilty.

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