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Assignment 33: Anticipation Guide Part II

Chris Butcher
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P, Period 3
3 May 2012
The statement, “people that are poor should rely on their friends, family, or church for help, not the government” is one with which I do not agree. Personally, I feel that no matter if you are poor or not, a person’s income should come from his or her own job. If a person relies on their friends for money, then that person is not only a terrible friend, but is lazy and useless. I would not want to be friends with someone who was always asking me for money. If a friend of mine was in a very bad situation then I would not hesitate to help them out, but giving them money just because they are poor is ridiculous. Family may be a somewhat different story because family helps out family no matter what, but money from another person who does not employ you is still ridiculous. Asking for money from a place like a church sounds preposterous and unreasonable. I definitely do not know much about church, but asking for money in a place where someone is supposed to be ‘having a relationship with Jesus’ is completely perverse. That just sounds completely wrong and it would defeat the purpose of churches. Asking from the government is, I think, disrespectful of the country which gives you freedoms that you cannot get everywhere you go in the world. That is just asking the government if they can do more for you because you are ‘more needy’ than everyone else. To me, that sounds like a spoiled brat asking for something simply because they want it.

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