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Assignment 33: Anticipation Guide Mice and Men

Taylor Ragland
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P, Period 3
4 May 2012
Anticipation Guide: Assignment 33 Mice and Men
Girls today are defiantly treated as objects. I think in the past guys treated girls with respect and really strived to create a moral relationship with them. Now a dayís, girl are treated as objects by men. The only thing now a days in this society such as high school is a guy just trying to get a girl for sex and just to use them. This is a prime example of hope girls are classified as objects rather than equals. Women are also not treated equally to men. For example if a woman were to have sex with many different guys she would be known as a slut. On the other hand, if a guy were to have sex with many different girls he could be looked upon as the man, or popular. This should really stop in society. I think both men and women need to have more respect for themselves and the others around them. This could also cause stereotypes to other countries around the world to Americans. An example of equality between men and women were if both a man and women respected each other the same and strived to have a healthy relationship. Girls are the most likely not be be accepted into society. Wearing makeup for example shows that when women do not wear makeup they are looked down upon. This could cause bullying along with being rejected by society. Men on the other hand donít need to try as hard as women just to be accepted by society. Men tend to accept themselves more than women who have caused this discrimination over time to intensify making every generation worse and worse.

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