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Anticipation guide: Of Mice and Men

Israel Perez
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-p, Period 3
3 May, 2012
Anticipation guide: OF Mice and Men

People that are poor should not rely on their friends, family, or church for help, nor the government. I believe that everyone should be self reliant and never rely on others for help. At least not on purpose, if something were to dramatically change their lives out of no where, then and only then I think they should seek for aid from others. If you are not self reliant and decide to rely on others, you are going to find yourself in many sticky situations and eventually those people that are helping you will stop. If you exercise self reliance then it will start becoming like a habit and could only lead to bettering your life and being self sufficient. Everything will be in you control and you would not have to worry about things as much because you control them. Being in command of your own life will escort you to a better life, stress free and responsible. Not having stress will give you a healthier life which means you will probably live longer therefore being self reliant is an important factor in the life we live in today. Of course it is much easier to rely on others to do you responsibilities but it just about always effects you in a negative way. For example, you are in high school and you forgot to do your homework, so you ask a friend if you can copy it. You copy it and get a good grade on the assignment but now that you did not do your own work and relied on others you score low on your next test. That would just be one scenario to demonstrate how not being self reliant could negatively and why you should not rely on family, friends or the government because your poor.

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