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Assignment 34: anticipation guide mice and men

I disagree with this statement “People that are poor should rely on their friends, family, or church for help, not the government” Poor people should never rely on their friends or family, once in a while maybe yes but not on their whole survival. The one place they should rely on if they needed to choose would indeed be the government because government has programs specifically designed to help the poor or needy. Either through welfare, donations, etc. Also they shouldn’t rely on the government for too long just enough id say until they get back on their feet and get stable. There are many causes to one being or becoming poor. Some either slowly loose their jobs and their houses leading them to live on the streets, others can be caused due to the use of drugs, or some (children) are born into being poor if that’s what their parents are. That’s why there are special programs formed by the government for low income people. Its sad to see when these things happen to families but that’s why its best to get a good education in life and try and achieve a job first then success in your life. Things may not always go well at first and situations good or bad will happen. Hopefully the situation of becoming needy or poor stay away but sometimes that’s not the case. But if it is then a person should not fully rely on all the people around them. Its not respectful or manner able in any way. Some people are grown up not to ask for anything in their life while others need it so bad they push their knowledge out of the way and ask away. People will start drifting away from that indicidual which would not be a good thing. So the poor should not bug the people around them as much unless they plan on running them out of their lives.

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