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Anticipation Guide: Of Mice and Men Assignment 33

Ahumada 1
Edward Ahumada
Mr. Jeffrey
English III, period 3
3 May 2012
Anticipation Guide: Assignment 33 Of Mice and Men
Today society women are treated more as objects than as equals. In today’s publicity women are looked as sex symbols to men. Women are often discussed by men in provocative ways and are treated disrespectfully. The women today are paid less if they are given the same job as a man. For example, when a women has a sex with numerous men they are often referred to as a slut or #####. When a man decides to do the same society does not usually look frown upon about the man actions rather a job well done. Publicity is focus most often on women on their appearance. In magazines if women gain weight or do plastic surgery women are criticized. I think women are right when they say “Men are all the same”, because men all usually want sex. Although the truth is everyone wants sex except celibate people, but men are often more open about the topic and are able to talk about it in a more comfortable way then women do. I believe that women back in the days were treated with a little bit more dignity because men did not cheat on their women. Though women are often leant of what men have to say. On television women are to be presented pretty and not fat. Society makes women believe they have to be thin because fat is a bad thing. Also I believe because women are treated as objects by men they become lesbian because they share the same interest with other women, something men lack.

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