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anticipation guide

Matthew Broy
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P, period 3
3 ay 2012
Anticipation guide part 2: assignment 33 of mice and men
The N word is the most offensive word because of the history behind. The N word has a lot of history behind due to the fact that the blacks were in slavery and they were shunned against our entire nation. When they would fight for their freedom people would say that word because they knew how badly it hurts. The word isnít like another name that you would call somebody the name is hurtful and it is generalizing a group of people just because of the color of their skin. The N word comes from the Spanish word black so I donít even get why white people would say it to the black people. The southern people would treat blacks like if they were a piece of property they would treat them not even like treat them as if they were humans they would talk to them and treat them like they were an animal or something that would no be respected. I recently watched a movie on Malcom X. he was one of the greatest non-violent civil rights representative because of what he believed in for his people. He was a religion that was called Islam. This religion would not want you to have the same equal right as the white man had back in the 50ís and 60ís. This religion that was practiced would tell you that you should just except the person that you were born as. They would not try to make you be like the white person or try to fight for there right. It also told you that why should you believe everything that white man says. For example it would ask you would you think god was white?. The white man would make you think that he is white just because everything that we have ever learned was from the white man, and that is something that I would personally have to agree with.

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