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Assignment 34 OF Mice and Men Anticipation Guide

Jacob Lopez
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P, Period 3
3 May 2012
Assignment 34 Of Mice and Men Anticipation Guide
Life today is more difficult than it was in the 1930, because we have more work and more aggressive schools. Schools today rather then back in the 1930ís are way more encouraging now because teachers want you to pass to have a successful life. Back then everything was cheaper and more affordable now items are much more expensive .Its better to have a higher education so you make more money and buy whatever you need instead of stressing. Today work is hard to find because everybody takes the job as soon as it opens up. Also in school assignments we receive in class are much harder then back then because they didnít have the Math like us, or English like us. Todayís work is more intense and as the years go by it will increase to become harder for the world. Back then most people struggled to afford things but now it is easier. Most people will always have money on them to buy things right away. Also work today is more challenging then before we have more jobs and have to produce more items then back then. Because we have newer items and more of them, then they had before. Life will always be more difficult now then before. No matter what happens they will never have what we have because we have more capabilities then they have, we also have , more power, more energy , and also more corporations. Life today will always be more difficult then it was in the 1930ís.

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