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Assingment number 33: Anticipation guide mice and men

Yasaman Jalali
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-P, Period 3
3 May 2012
Anticipation Guide: Mice and Men
I believe that men think women have less power but in reality, this is not true. Women have just as much rights, if not more. The only thing women may lack is physical strength. Women can work and bring in just as much money as men. It isnít like back then where women had no rights to vote and work. Although, I do believe men should have the upper hand in the house to make the home feel secure. Women should never be treated with any less respect. We have our part in life and men have theirs. Our job is to either work or take of the house and kids and men, I believe, is to put food on the table. Women are the ones who make the rules not men. If it werenít for women men wouldnít have kids. We have so much more to deal with that we donít get enough credit for. Men donít appreciate how easy they have it. They donít have to deal with carrying a baby for 9 months, menstrual cycle, or menopause. We have so much extra stress that we donít need a man who doesnít appreciate us. Fortunately, we arenít treated as bad as we use to. I couldnít imagine living in a time where women had no rights or were treated as ďobjectsĒ. In conclusion, I believe that women are treated unequal in society to men because men believe they are dominant.

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