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Assignment 37: Anticipation Guide part 2: Of Mice and Men

Indrica Simanjuntak

Mr. Jeffrey

English III-P, period 3

5 May 2012

Assignment 37: Anticipation Guide part 2: Of Mice and Men

I strongly disagree with the following statement” Being rich are more important than having close friends”. Throughout my life the way my parents taught me important morals to live by. They told me that loving money is sin, and that money can only bring you temporary happiness. Money has always been incorporated with the good but mostly the bad. I was raised in this world by loving people, the morals I learned is that friends are the best things you can have. From day one of pre-school to late stages of high school my goals were not just to do good school but meet new people and make new friends. You always look for those really good people that you connect and feel that having them in your life would be a benefit. The really special ones are precious and rare, for example Daniel Enriqez. Daniel and I are best friends I would not throw our expensive friendship for a trillion dollars. I have invested much into are “Trust Fund” are relationship continues to grow today. To me having money can bring many things, but you cannot buy friendship. Friendship is based on fundamentals not on materialistic things. To be friends with someone your connection must be authentic. Nothing is direr than that. Life is like a relay you need teammates to accomplish the goal. When you reach it there is no other greater feeling than the sense of accomplishment. However, accomplishing something with your friends and family surpasses that feeling. A friend over money is love over power. Love always wins in the end.

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