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Assignment 33: Anticipation Guide, of mice of men

Suchoza 1
Kayla Renee Suchoza
Mr. Jeffrey
English III-p, Period 3
3 May 2012
Assignment 33: Anticipation Guide, Of Mice and Men
The statement ďLife today is more difficult than it was in the 1930ísĒ is a statement that I disagree on. I disagree in the statement because life today is way easier then it has ever been. For example, today we have transportation every where. We can go any where in the world in at least 48 hours, with our air planes, jets, helicopter or cars. We have so many different ways to go with an ability anybody can do. We also have the convenient technology like computers, cell phones, I pads, GPS, house resources, and automobiles. All of these objects make life so much easier to connect with people, to research sources, and to find something out you would like to know. To keep in touch with someone it can be easy with email or skype. To get information about the country, our community or world is also so easy with the click of a button from the internet. Even to eat dinner is so much easier, we donít have to grow our own food, make our own food or even take the time to cook it we can go purchase it at a fast food restaurant. Even with our students at school, we donít have to calculate everything on our own we have calculators to do that for us. We also have online sources to research papers or look up words we donít know how to spell. We even have tutoring options on the internet if we donít get in class. In America today we make everything so simple for us, to live and to enjoy our lives.

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