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Re(1): Amla Berry vs. Amla 45% Tannins

Hi Jill,

The difference between the amla powder and the extract is that the powder does not contain concentrated tannins. I personally prefer the amla powder for a vitamin C source since it is lower in tannins. The problem with high tannin sources is that the tannins will lock up active components from other herbs such as alkaloids and glycosides rendering them useless to the body. This is actually the most common formulating mistake I see. For example, adding uva ursi to diabetes formulas or green tea extracts to various formulas. Both are rich in tannins, which reduces the overall effect of the formula.

If taken alone though, or with other high tannin sources the tannins will work as strong antioxidants and will kill some pathogens.

The fish oil powder is concentrated omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, but without all the extra oil. This would make it better for people without gallbladders or that are trying to reduce calories.

There is no real way to measure liver function per se. Symptoms such as hormone imbalances are the best way to determine if the liver may be underactive. Some people mistake ALT and AST tests for liver function tests. This is not the case though. ALT and AST are enzymes released by damage to various tissues including the liver. Elevated ALT and AST are often thought by doctors to show liver damage. This is partially true, but again damage to some other tissues can also raise ALT and AST.

The best way to help liver function is with digestive bitters. This also raises stomach acidity though. If you cannot tolerate bitters then bupleurum can be used, or if you want more complete support I recommend our Live-R-Ight formula.

The best herbs for general liver support are schisandra berry, licorice root, milk thistle seed and turmeric (curcumin).


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