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I commented recently on your YouTube video concerning inhaler independence. I found your adrenal tonic on your ebay store and purchased it today, but in your reply on my youtube comment, you mentioned dealing with acute bronchitis with "naturally dilating the bronchioles, such as magnesium malate or coleus forskohlii".

Could you point me in the right direction as to what I should be taking, and where I can get it (I live in Ohio)?

Like I said in my youtube comment I have gotten acute bronchitis about 8 times in the past year. At my last visit my doc gave me a Symbicort inhaler. I used it a few times until I read the side effects and then stopped, but I do use my albuterol inhaler once or twice a day as needed.

I had none of these problems up until about 18 months ago, but it seemed once I got it the first time it just kept coming back. Now I suffer with asthmatic type flare-ups a couple times a day.

I would definitely appreciate any help you can offer in beating this once and for all.


P/S- I recently wrote Markus Rothkranz about getting silk tassel for the females in my family as some of them suffer with severe cramping. I told him that if it's garrya elliptica, then it is only available around Calif and Oregon but I live in Ohio. He said that he does not sell it, but referred me to you with his recommendation. Again, any help would be appreciated.

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