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Fallen Angels Anticipation Q9

If politicians' sons and daughters had to go to wars they supported, there would be fewer wars to fight. Imagine if you had a son or a daughter that you loved deeply. Would you want them to be drafted, sent to boot camp, and ultimately sent out to fight in the front lines of the enemy amidst the rain of flying bullets, deafening explosions, and dirty, bacteria infected living conditions? I would hope not. Those things are the things that most politicians donít care about since their own children arenít going to live through it. In the end, they disregard that and only look at the result of the war. They wouldnít understand what the soldiers, all human in nature, have to go through, especially being put in jeopardy of death, killing other human beings, or losing their closest friends in battle. If they adopted a certain religion that did not allow them to kill other people regardless of the conditions, then they would have to not support the war. Their son or daughter would have to kill someone, and that would be violating their religion. In some cases, the politicians donít know what the soldiers have to go through during battle. In other cases, the politicians perfectly know what soldiers have to go through, but since itís not their own children, they donít care. In conclusion, if politiciansí sons or daughters had to fight in the wars that the politician supports, we would see a decline of support for the wars that the children have to fight in.


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