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Dear Ms. Doyle,

Ms. Doyle I really enjoyed your monthly presentations in Mr. Jeffreyís class. It was really interesting discussing all the controversial topics with you and our classmates. It took me awhile to get used to what you had to say but come second semester I accepted what you were teaching. I think your really brave speaking on the topics you have brought up. You say what everybody is too afraid to say and Iím sure we all appreciated that. The activity that really stuck out in my mind was when we stuck derogatory labels on our backs and had other classmates describe them to us. It really made us realize our unconscious biases towards certain people we come across. The things I most enjoyed about you were your sincere honesty and how you were brave enough to address things that are taboo inn our society. I learned a lot about my own unconscious biases from your teachings and I am really thankful for that. Iíve learned that I need to work on some biases and learn to be more culturally competent. Without all your lessons I would never even thought about my personal biases and as a result never thought of changing them. Although I havenít done all I can to change my biases I have become more aware of them. I just believe it is so easy for us to stay stuck in our own mindset that when someone comes and tries to change that we become reluctant. I didnít volunteer as much as other students but I still received all the messages you taught us. This is just the start of me correcting my biases and I will need more time, effort, and thought before I can change my ways of thinking. Your lessons have made me more aware of all the cultural differences in my environment and in society. I do not believe there is much we can do to change it, but as time goes on we are seeing more diversity in America which make the dynamics shift. The things you have taught us are seen in my daily life and I notice them almost instantly. I hope I can become more accepting of other cultures and ethnicities and practice what you taught us. Thanks for all you wisdom!

Taylor Wilfong

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