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Letter To Ms. Doyle

Jordan Zarate
Mr. Jeffrey
American Mosaic, Period 2
17 May 2012
Assignment 33: American Mosaic Final Part II
Dear Ms. Doyle,
I do not even know where to begin. Thank you so much for everything you have done for our class. I really enjoyed the knowledge that you brought forth and how honest you were with us. It made me feel as if we could be just as honest back to you and that is important in life.
I feel that the activity we did that had the largest impact on me was the one where we wore labels and were stereotyped. It was shocking that with just a label came a whole bunch of preconceived notions and biases. It really made me realize how unconscious bias affects everyone everywhere; no one is “safe” from it. In addition to that activity, I learned a lot more about my own unconscious bias.
Currently, I am at the point where when I do something that involves a stereotype or my unconscious bias, I recognize it, note it, and then next time, try to correct myself. It really has helped me and I know that it will in my future- especially in the professional and business world- as well as right now. I never really thought of myself as a biased person. I mean, I acknowledged that everyone has biases and that I probably have some but not many. With your guidance and expertise, I have located a few that I want to work on. Thank you.
From your last visit, I learned a lot about culture. I learned that we need to be aware of everyone’s culture and that everyone has a mix of different culture combinations making them unique. I must respect that and be aware of it whenever I am communicating with someone of a different culture. I honestly believe that you have done a great service for us and that the increased number of presentations this semester was welcomed.
Thank you once again Ms. Doyle and don’t change a thing!
Jordan Zarate

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