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Dear Ms. Doyle

Dear Ms. Doyle,
I want to start of by telling you thank you very much for coming to our class this entire year to teach us about how our unconscious works. You taught me very much about myself that I did not even know. My favorite part about your monthly presentations was the activities that you made us do because it showed me everything that you were talking about right in front of my eyes. The activity that you took us outside onto the stage and made us take a step forward or step back every time you said something had the biggest impact on me. This activity showed me and all of my classmates how people feel, or how they live their daily lives that we do not even know about. After all your lectures and teachings, I found a lot about myself, and my unconscious bias that I had no clue about. The biggest thing I discovered about my unconscious bias was that I was judging people before I even spoke to them or got to know who they were and did not even know I was doing so. Another thing that I discovered was that I was putting certain people into buckets and when I actually spoke to the person, my judgments were incorrect. You taught me not to judge people by their appearance, because I could be completely wrong about someone. One thing I wanted to say was that I think that it would be a good idea at the beginning of each semester to have everyone says what ethnicity they are, so that everyone in the classroom knows the diversity in the class. What this will do is, when you have discussions, you will be able to ask different ethnicity’s what their views on a certain subject are. This way, there will not be students that stay quiet the whole year and no one notices them, and you can get their views on certain subjects and see how one ethnic backgrounds views or opinions differs from another. To sum it all up, I just want to thank you for everything you have taught me this year, because it has changed the way I view people, and to be more tolerable for others.

Navid Karimi

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