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Letter to Ms. Doyle

May 17, 2012
Dear Ms. Doyle,
Your monthly presentations in our class were always insightful and interesting. I always learned something knew from all of the different parts and modules you presented. I really enjoyed how you would explain some of the biases to us. You always gave us examples with a lot of humor so we would understand. The activity that had the biggest impact on me was the activity we did when we were outside in the quad on the stage. It showed how our backgrounds affected our family’s past, some people are more privileged than others, and how prejudice our world was and how it is slowly improving. The activity opened my eyes to how unfairly some of us were treated because of our skin color. The class revealed the unconscious bias I did not know I had. I always believed that I was very understanding, fair, and did not have any preferences or dislikes of anyone. I discovered that I did have biases like everyone else. I also learned that meeting new people and actually having a conversation with them can change how you see things and overcome your unconscious bias. The cultural information you presented helps me understand the various types of people in the world. Everyone is different and just because they are different than you does not mean that they are wrong or weird. I learned that we should not treat someone unfairly or not give them the time of day just because we think that they are a certain type of person. I would suggest to have more activities in the class. Some kids do not learn as well being in a classroom taking notes. I think activities have more of an impact on us and they would understand the lesson better.
Catherine Herco

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