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letter to ms. doyle

Dear Ms. Doyle,

This semester I have learned a lot about my self and others. Some of the things you said made me a little upset but u feel that was the point of the things that you said. I enjoyed having you here every month because I knew that I would get a new experience every time you where here. I enjoyed learning about my unconscious bias and now I am more aware of them so I can work on them now.
The lesson that I liked the most was when we did the gradual changes. It is amazing at how much the human brain over looks things that we are looking at. It goes to show you why people donít notice somethingís and it is not there faulty it is just in the human nature. This is a good thing to know because it will help you be more understanding with people. I learned allot about my own biases and I am working on correcting those so that I do not have them any more. I learned that it is important to be more understanding with people that you do not know because they may appear to be certain way but they could have gone through things that you donít know about that made them the way they are.
If you learn about other cultures you are more likely to understand how they work and not judge them on things that they do. I learned that I often judge people on first impressions and I am working on giving them more of a chance with getting to know them a little better before I judge.
I feel that people everywhere should have to go through your program because it would teach them about diversity and show them that in the end we are all the same. I feel that you focused too much on how African Americans are put down and did not focus enough on other groups such as Asians, Latinos, Jews, and even women. I feel that spreading out on the topics would have gotten a better message across and shown us more how to deal with things. All in all I feel that your class was very productive in provoking discussion on uncomfortable topics that the average class does not get to deal with. This will help us in our further career and should help us be better in all aspects of our lives. It was a pleasure having you in class.

Sincerely, Eric Heronime

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