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Dear Ms. Doyle

Dear Ms. Doyle,

This is my second semester with you and learning about unconscious bias. I have really learned a lot about unconscious bias that people have and do not really notice. I also discovered my own unconscious bias I have towards others and it was shocking. I enjoyed your presentations and in my opinion the activities made a huge impact in realizing my unconscious bias because it was hands on and I realized my unconscious bias easier than just talking about it. I learned a lot about society and how it has manipulated people’s morals and its influence on their lives. I also learned how people are blessed with privilege and how they use that privilege to have an easier way to success than others without privilege. You also taught me how the brain has been distorted by society and the system. This semester the activity that had the biggest impact on me was the one we did when we stood up when we stood up when something described who we are. It was very interesting to see what people would classify them as and it made me think who I am and what I classify myself as because I had never really thought about it before. It was also surprising how the buckets we put people into, they sty that way until we find out what the truth really is. You have really opened my eyes to a lot of my unconscious bias towards others and I truly believe that I have changed the way I think about others and judging them and also who I am as a person and what I would categorize myself as. In my opinion I believe you should do more activities rather than more talking because the activities helped me more rather than just talking about it because it would honestly get boring just hearing what we do instead of realizing for ourselves who we are and what we do.

Elijah Jaramillo

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