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letter to Ms. Doyle

Balltezegar 1
Tina Balltezegar
Mr. Jeffrey
American Mosaic, Period: 2
May 17, 2012
Assignment 33, Part 2, Letter to Ms Doyle
Dear Ms. Doyle,
Hello. I just want to tell you what I enjoyed this year about you coming to teach this class. I liked that you were not trying to be someone you were not. You always never really made people feel bad if the answered a question wrong rather you tried to help them get to the right answer.
I liked the many activities you made us do like the one were we went to the stage and you asked us questions that have or have not affected us. Mark ended up almost off the stage. It showed everyone how others may have to work harder then others. Many people saw how others were affected in a good or bad way.
I discovered that I have my own unconscious biases toward others. I saw that I did put people in buckets. Like my friend. I adamantly put her in a bucket that she did not necessarily belonged in. I put her as a Mexican American when she is a Columbian. Those are to different ethnicities.
The cultural information that you presented applied to my everyday life by showing me that we should try to learn others cultures. It is important for us to interact with others than to isolate our self’s. When we isolate ourselves we end up not doing so

Balltezegar 2
good in the work place do to us not liking other for the way they look without even getting to really now them. Thank you for coming to teach our class this year. I learned so much from you.

Tina Balltezegar

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