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American Mosaic Final Part II

Dear Ms Doyle,
I'm not sure if you know but I'm a foreign exchange student from Germany and was only in this class for the second semester.
When you first came in to this class I needed a few moments to figure out what this is about and why you're teaching us about unconscious bias and privileges, because I had no idea that here in America are still people who have an issue with African-Americans. Honestly, I was really surprised because I really thought that after the fights back in the days America was done with this topic and had moved on all together. I'm not saying there hasnít been any change since then but no one can say everything has changed.
I was pretty impressed what you taught us about privileges because I've never thought about it in the way like you told us. When all members of a society enjoy the same privilege, it is no longer a privilege because it has become an equal right for all members of the society. Or that when only certain members of society enjoy privileges it would create inequities.
I personally needed some time to think about that because back in Germany I don't have any friends who have a different skin color than white or don't even see a lot people in the city who are black or any other ethnicity. I know that a reason for this is because I visit a private catholic school and it's full of spoiled white people who don't even care a about others or what's going on in America or did go on there. But because my father works for an organization who helps 3rd world countries especially Africa he sometimes brings home African-Americans and I get to know them but even they have never talked about 'problems' in their life, that they didn't get any respect and everything.
As I was thinking more about the privileges I came to the point that I should be more thankful for everything what I can have in my life (for example spend 5 months in America) and others don't. So what I want to say is that I changed my view over my privileges and how I used them because of your classes so thank you.

Well Mr. Jeffrey said all you want is that we're honest so I wanted to tell you that for me it was kind of difficult and maybe for others too Ė I don't know to react to your questions and to say it in front of the class. Even if I think no one would laugh or make stupid comments about something someone says but to explain it really how someone wants to say something is maybe not that easy so you and the class would get it wrong which means there is a misunderstanding and whoever said it feels uncomfortable because people get it wrong. What I wanted to say is that sometimes your expectations are maybe too high for some people why they are quiet.
Marina Hippler (LOHS)

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