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Dear Ms. Doyle,

I want to thank you for taking out your time to come to our class every day. I think you all taught us thing we never realized, and helped up improve our knowledge on even the little things. One thing I really enjoyed was the “Walk the Line” activity. People realized how privileged they are or not. Even some that was in the front felt victimized because not everything in their life is perfect either. Sometimes some Caucasian people feel like they are blamed for everything, and everyone is else is the victim, but I believe it’s just that their ancestors have been through less. That activity I think had the biggest impact on me, besides the notes and lecture itself. I think what I discovered about my own unconscious bias was that I do what the people around me think is acceptable sometimes, and I should just stick to my own beliefs. I don’t think I really judge people much, and I am accepting of all races and the way different people act or were brought up. I try to also stop others from judging so much, because not everyone’s going to be just like you or how you want them to be. I liked when we learned about cultural competency, because that might have opened some people’s eyes to the fact that everyone has differences. They may not even be able to control it, because that is the way they were brought up. One example is when you said some people hug and kiss their family when they see them and they’re all over them, and some families don’t feel the need to do that. Also, when we do the activity “Just Like Me”, it was a little confusing but people realized things they had in common. I see people use “what’s your ethnicity?” way more than what’s your race now, and like you said, they’re more educated. Its mostly people from this class saying it, but I think we’re helping educate other people, too and that’s a good feeling. So thank you and I hope you enjoyed us.

Miracle Robinson


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