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Letter to Mrs. Doyle

Dear Ms. Doyle

This year has been amazing. You have taught me so much about myself and my unconscious bias. I am honored that you got to got to teach me so much about race. One thing that I enjoyed most about your presentations was the privileged activity. It showed me how privileged I was, and made me really sad when I looked back and Mark was on the steps. Even though I act like a brat sometimes, I still need to think back to that activity and be thankful for what I have and how I have got here. That was the presentation that had the biggest impact on me. The reason why was because it just reminds me everyday of how privileged I am and how much I should help other people out. I discovered many things about my unconscious bias. For some examples Iíve learned that we have buckets and I do put people into buckets. I know that it is a mean thing to do, but I think that many people put people in buckets but they never really realize it. It is one sad thing to do but it is just part of everyday human living life. You told us a lot about culture but none of it really related it to me. Most of what you taught us was about African Americans and how unprivileged they were. You have taught me a lot and this will be very helpful going into college but not only college, in everyday life. It is a good way to end this chapter in life and start a new one knowing what I know about unconscious bias. Thank you for coming in every month! I really enjoyed it

Meagan Nicoles

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