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Dear Ms. Doyle

Dear Ms. Doyle,
I appreciate you coming to teach our American Mosaic class about our unconscious bias and what I most enjoyed about your presentations you came in and told us was is that we got to enjoy activities that we did all together and I moat enjoyed learning more about how we arenít suppose to judge people but you came in and showed us that we all have a lot in common. I most enjoyed having all those laughs from the activities we did and all that I learned about when we first meet someone. The activity that had the biggest effect on me was when we told each of our group member why we were whit because it seemed easy at first when you explained it but when we actually had to do it then I realized that it made me actually think and I hesitated to go for the whole minute. I enjoyed that activity because we all discovered that we all are one race but some of us may have the same skin color but we all do everything in a different manner and we perceive stuff in a variety of ways. What I discovered from you teaching us about our unconscious bias is that we may treat others different and not in a good manner from just meeting them and putting them into our buckets. I learned that we need to accept others for who they are in the inside and how they help others find qualities that show who they really are and if you donít accept them then you shouldnít judge them for what they like but realize they have a different view of the world then you. This cultural information you taught us applies to my everyday interactions because it showed that we should all work together to see the difference from others and get to notice their changes and how they interpret your bias from where they were born. I like how I donít judge people for their sexuality or how they look at me but judge them for who they really are and understand where they were born and how they try to fit in into this world. Thank you for everything I learned and I appreciate you helping us all become closer and more noticeable about our background.

Rami Jamil

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