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Letter to Ms. Doyle

Letter to Ms. Doyle
Dear Ms. Doyle,
Ms. Doyle you have done a great deal for me this entire year. I know I was kind of quite but I did absorb much of what you taught me. As I have walked the streets and hallways at school I have become much more aware of what kind of thoughts that I have had about certain people and certain reactions to people. I have realized that the buckets in my head are real and I guess you could say itís just something natural that has been installed in me by having past experiences with the same type of people that I become more judgmental. I honestly feel you should change nothing about your presentations, you did an excellent job this year and I can see through your teachings that you are a very educated woman. Through your very instructional teachings I have got a sense now of how hostile this world we live in truly is what kind of a very hostile world we really live in. I feel classes like these are very instructional and should be available to everyone. I feel the activity we did in here that most impacted me was the activity were it shows what others identify as, and what kind of experiences weíve all had in life. It has given me a sense how to respect other peoples traditions and cultures, and how they identify themselves. I mostly enjoyed the monthly games and activityís we would participate in every time that you would come in. In a lot of ways your presentations have pertained to my life in that many people automatically identify me as mexican, when in reality I have no Mexican in me at all. People sometimes forget to respect what others want to be identified as. Thank you for everything that you have done for me this year Ms. Doyle, you have been very informative and of great help to my unconscious bias and the biasís of others.
Paul Perez


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