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Letter to Ms. Doyle

Dear Ms. Doyle,

When I first was told I was going to be in Mr. Jeffrey’s “American Mosaic” class as opposed to the classes I requested I was admittedly a bit disappointed. This, however, only turned out to be a minor hiccup leading to a class that would infinitely change my perception of culture as well as my self. Throughout this year I have learned much more than I would have ever expected about culture of many different societies and more importantly my own morals and culture. One of the main contributing factors to this epiphany of self realization was your teachings. How you were able to teach me so much within the limited period you were given still amazes me. On that note I would also like to thank you once again for your patience with our class. I know at time we were not as respectful to you as we should have been, and I would like to apologize for that. That being said, I have never been in a class in which the teachings related to every day life with such accuracy. Often times when taught about the culture of others and how to react and or tolerate the beliefs or cultures of another person other teachers would make examples of only the extreme often using only the most offensive and prejudice as examples; However, your class was able to take common situations and slang that we use and experience everyday and expose underlying aspects that may cause harm even without intention. It is through this that I was enlightened to even some of my own unconscious bias despite the fact that I used to view myself as a very culturally tolerant individual. It is this style of teaching that should be adopted throughout the school systems in terms of teachings of culture, a style such as yours that shows no fear to criticize the views and “safe-zones” of society. Every day I was in your class was a privilege and I am proud to be able to apply the teachings you have provided.
Once again, thank you


Jonathan Oxarart.

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