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Letter to Ms. Doyle

Dear Ms. Doyle

I would first like to thank you for your dedication to our American Mosaic class. You have taught us important life lesions that we will now apply to our everyday life. The light you shed about our Unconscious Bias has opened several students’ eyes as to how they perceive people in their brains at first sight. I had learned several things about my Unconscious Bias, one being when I was talking about Rue from the Hunger Games. I said that because she was from the south, and described as a “dark skinned girl with thick hair” she was a black girl. As hard as it is, I will try to avoid putting her in my bucket and making these assumptions. When talking about our Unconscious Bias, you had mentioned that certain people are more privileged than others. I feel that your presentation on privileged people impacted me the most because after class I began to think of all the things my parents had to do to work to get to where they are now, when others start of where my parents are now. It made me feel proud of my parents to go through so much adversity to get to where they are now and though it could always be better, as a family we are contempt with what we have. My favorite activity we did was when we went up to the stage and would step forward or backwards depending on if what you said applied to us. It put things in perspective for me when I saw Mark was stepping so far back, that he was stepping of the stage. It made me realize that although my family is not privileged like others, we still have amazing opportunities to take advantage of.

Mariah Rojas

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