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Letter to Ms. Doyle

Dear Ms. Doyle,

I had a fantastic time when you were a guest speaker for our American Mosaic class. The thing I most enjoyed about your monthly presentations are the class discussions. It was very interesting seeing what other people think of as right and wrong. The classroom discussions really opened my eyes to other peoples' views on ethnicity and other views. The most interesting one was everyone's different cultures which really opened up my eyes. The activity that had the biggest impact on me was when you would say something, and if it applied to anybody they would stand up. It had the biggest impact on me because it was interesting seeing everyone;s opinions on their race, ethnicity, and sex. To be honest I haven't learned anything about my unconcious bias because my mom always taught me to never judge somebody until you really know them. Even though my dad is very racist because of the time that he grew up in. I shortly learned that his views were idiotic and that he was wrong for what he was saying and doing. Which is why I love my family because I get two very drastic views about different situations which allowed me to pick what I wanted to believe in. The cultural information that you gave us made me judge people even less then I already did. But I felt like some of the activities you shared with us were somewhat ironic because you are telling us to not be bias or to be aware of our own bias. But while you are saying these things you have very obvious bias against certain ethnicities. I also disagree with the white skin color to be the superior ethnicity because whites are not superior in any aspect. It does not matter what your race is at all. You can become whatever you want to be no matter what your skin color is.

Sincerely, Ryan Miller

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