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Dear Ms. Doyle

Dear Ms. Doyle,

Although I did not enroll into American Mosaic until second semester, I enjoyed all the challenging ideas you presented to the class. I admire how you integrate subjects which could be consider as taboo, into your class discussions and allow students to think independently. In addition, you encourage students to consider various opinions and empathize with their situation. This experience allows students to gain a broadened sense of the humanity and leads them closer to achieving cultural competence (see I was listening!).

Your activities gave the class a much welcomed sense of variety and allowed for a hands on approach towards learning. Out of these various activities my favorite was definitely open discussion. Although seemingly simple, these open discussions provided students with a platform to display their thoughts, knowledge, and experiences. Each time a student voiced their opinion it gave others the courage to also express their thoughts on the topic.

After learning about unconscious bias I became more aware of my own biases towards others. Each time my unconscious bias attempted to label or judge another individual, the knowledge I obtained in your class allowed me take a step back and understand what was occurring. The cultural information you presented in your class is now apparent in every day events. Just walking down the hallways of Los Osos I now try to be more accepting of all those I encounter. More specifically, I find myself trying to be more accepting of those who judge me and place me in their “white” bucket. Whereas before this categorization would infuriate me, you have given me the knowledge to be proud of my identity and to not place so much value in the judgments of others. Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication. You are truly an inspiration.


David Dominguez

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