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I read in different places that calcium excites the nerves and in other places it calms the nerves. Which is true? And I have found by experience that it helps with my PMS- why is that the case? Is it connected to estrogen or serotonin levels? How far apart from magnesium is it best taken?

I have read that most serotonin is made in the intestines and that it has a big effect on gastrointestinal health. Does it affect liver functioning at all? Also regarding the liver, I have heard that, in a pure sense, lecithin can wear down the liver in the long run if overdone. Why might that be?

If I use 5htp after a bad night or during low-estrogen times, it helps but the next day I can feel worse than ever- could I experience a serotonin withdrawl? I can't always get to chamomile tea- would chamomile supplements be a good alternative to try? Could your good mood formula be used just for PMS times, or does it take time to build up in the system?

Thank you.


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